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Our staff is simply "SUPER"! From setting up terms for your account, logo approval, taking your orders and getting the job done, we are here to keep you coming back!

Anna - President
Lou "mom" - CEO

Be sure to pay your bill on time or "mom" will be calling you!

Anna & Lou

Barb in the front does so much that we have never been able to give her a title other then the Goddess. If you are doing an order with Super, Barb will probably be taking care of some part of it.

Super Customer Service Team!!

Jennifer (left) is always there with a smile when she answers the phone. You can hear it in her voice. She will help you place your orders or pass you on to the person you need to talk with if you are checking up on an order.

Shelly is quick to react to your needs and is ready to answer any questions about your Orders or PO's. She also gets approval from you for new artwork and embroidery designs. She will verify colors and locations of your logos.
If you need an answer fast, Shelly is the one that will make sure your request is followed up quickly with the right person.

Jennifer & Shelly

Sandy (front), also known as Guido, is the best at bookkeeping and collecting on overdue accounts. If you pay your bills slow you will be hearing allot from Sandy!

Trisha is a jack of all trades in the office and bookkeeping area. She makes sure everything balances and is filed in the right places, which is not always so easy to do!

Stan, Screenprint Manager

Stan, our Screenprint Manager, has over 23 years experience in this industry. He puts the "S" in Super! Stan will make sure that your logo is looking the best that it can be and he also picks out our equipment to make sure that Super has only Top of the Line Equipment to print your T-shirts, Polo's, Towels, Jackets, Hats, Signs, Bags and Promotional Products with. When Stan came to our shop many years ago I knew he was sent by the Angels.

Stan - Screenprint Manager

Cathy - Embroidery Manager (Left)

Cathy is our long term Embroidery Manager. If you are a customer of Super you have seen Cathy year after year watching over your orders. She specializes in picking out colors and sorting unusual and confusing orders that no one else would be able to figure out! Making sure everything is organized and running properly is Cathy's specialty.

Yvette - Assistant Embroidery Manager (Right)

Yvette, our Assistant Embroidery Manager helps Cathy and James with every aspect of the embroidery operation with a special emphasis on the quality of the embroidery that the operators are producing on the individual garments.

Cathy & Yvette

Jerry, Digitizing and art Manager:

With 9 years experience he can turn thread into a beautiful thing!

Jerry - Digitizer

Lydia, Graphic Design

Lydia can create a new design from just about anything; from a chat with you to a scrawl on a napkin. She can also do recreation of your artwork into a vectored format for Screen Printing and Pad Printing from most any type of file. Lydia is proficient in Adobe Illustrator and can also create artwork for Direct Garment Printing in Photoshop to handle all of your needs. Our artist is SUPER and she will make your ideas come to life.

Lydia - Graphic Design

David, Quality Control Manager:

David makes sure every order is counted, packed and logod correctly. If you want to know if an order is ready, David will know. He also checks for Quality to make sure everything looks Super!

Junior, Shipping Manager:

Our shipping and receiving department can drop ship, blind ship, split ship and even put your order on a plane if needed. We are dedicated to getting your orders to their destination on time and looking good! Need to know if an order has arrived or shipped out? Call Junior!!




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