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I-Cliqq Embroidery Software

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I-Cliqq Pricing

Get the top level of I-Cliqq today, at a price you won't see again!

If you like what you see in I-Cliqq, this is your chance to own it all, inclusive of all updates to the next version.

If you are an existing or startup business, or a home business expanding your creativity into more commercial arenas, then I-Cliqq may give you a new sense of power, confidence, and readiness to penetrate new or existing niche markets. If you already own software, that's could find I-Cliqq a formidable add-on to your business arsenal.

I-Cliqq has no claims to do it all, or present ultimate solutions - What we do offer is all that you can currently see within the feature range.

You get more than a program: I-Cliqq will be progressive in its development stream over the coming months, including rollout of video samples, training, webinars and classes. As a user, you will be part of a 'Users Only' forum, and directly in contact with developers. We are aware that most questions are more related to actual digitizing than 'software function' so you may find comfort in knowing that the team does include some seasoned digitizers.

  • I-Cliqq Professional L1 (Digitizing,Editing,Lettering) $1495
  • I-Cliqq Professional L2 ( Digitizing,Editing,Lettering including Keyboard Font Creator) - $1795  
  • I-Cliqq Professional L3 + Single drop sequin $1995
  • I-Cliqq Professional L4 + Dual drop sequins  $2195
  • Options are subject to change with release packages
  • **Upgrading L1 to include 'Font Creator' $500
  • Purchases of L3/L4 include Keyboard Font Creator.

About I-Cliqq | Pricing | The I-Cliqq USA Team


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