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I just wanted you to know how wonderfully those jackets were received by my client. Thanks so much for making ME look good to my client. Please let your embroider know how much I appreciate the care they took with those jackets. It was certainly noticed!!!

Hi Anna , I thought you might like a picture with the jerseys you made. The picture was taken after our championship game.... WE WON 12 - 2! We showed no mercy. And they made fun of us because we had matching jerseys. I got all the T-SHIRTS. They were great. Thanks soooo much!

Team Jokers

Thanks for everything - Doug

I just wanted to let you know that my clients are very pleased with the poker tournament polos. Thanks for your help with this one. Your customer service and quality counts for a lot!!

Thank you for the hats - they look great! I believe my customer will like them. Thank you again! We will talk with you soon - I will start pushing embroidery again now that I have someone I can trust a good job to.

About 2 years ago, I choose to start using Super Embroidery in Phoenix. Barb and her staff have done a good job - very few mistakes, if the mistake is theirs they have owned up to it. I have not had complaints from the quality from my customers - in fact I have been impressed with their work!

Super Embroidery has done hats for me, both embroidered as well as printed, all types of t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, dress shirts and some other items. At no time has their work been unacceptable to me or more importantly to my customers and some are pretty stubborn about the quality they will accept.

Here is a picture of the guys wearing the jackets you embroidered for us. Again please send my thanks to your staff for the outstanding job they did to get this order out so quickly!

The jackets looked amazing. The client was so worried about how the
embroidery would come out (small text and all) especially on the fleece. The final product was even better than the sew out.

VERY IMPRESSIVE. Thank you once again.

I’m sure that this isn’t anything that you haven’t heard a bazillion times before. Your customer service is awesome. I sincerely appreciate your efforts on such a small order.


Hi Anna

You have a great guy in shipping. Chad is very personable and instills confidence when given directions.


Hi Anna,

Thanks for the great job! The bags look fantastic!!


Thank you so much for the GREAT job you did on our order. It looks awesome and we are so pleased! We really enjoy working with you and appreciate all the help you have been. We will be sending you more jobs soon!


Looks great! Another great job!

Thank you,

I got the jackets and hats and want to tell you that they came out great! Please pass on to your people that they did a very professional job on the embroidery and delivery. I am very satisfied! Well done.

Thank you,

Don Waller
Plastic Recycling Facility
Leach Stockpile Division
Phelps Dodge Morenci, Inc.

We just got the hats yesterday and they are very, very nice. Thanks for a great job and please thank those involved. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future and for a long time to come. I will tell everyone I can about your superior product and team.

Thanks again,

Greg & Sally Witzky
Tournament Directors
Par Golf Tour, Inc.

All I can say is wow. Those floor mats look absolutely amazing!!!! I’m thoroughly impressed and you will have many referrals in the future. They look very durable as well. That is important being a floor mat and all. I may have to come back to you in a year (hopefully longer than that) and get them redone. =) Thanks again for all your help, cooperation, patience, and quality product. Super embroidery definitely lives up to its name.

Dimitri Papadimitriou
Graphic Designer
Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks Anna for the way you and your staff treat us here at GALE.

Thom Lynch
GALE Insulation



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